Trapped With My Girlfriend At -202 Degrees

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Logan Paul

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Christian Tarango
Christian Tarango 23 שעות לפני
He defetnetly put it In
Mark Sturgeon
Mark Sturgeon יום לפני
JJ punched some good content into him
Hi There
Hi There 5 ימים לפני
What a Jerk ! ! ! !
spillzz 123
spillzz 123 7 ימים לפני
God bless
•Smïte Not Found•ツ
•Smïte Not Found•ツ 8 ימים לפני
What The Fuck Is that
Adib Ahmed
Adib Ahmed 9 ימים לפני
All of his friends have seen Josie's babuchkas
Carlyanne Dunn
Carlyanne Dunn 9 ימים לפני
Love the 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Amin Haciyev
Amin Haciyev 10 ימים לפני
TheKingSpeaks 16 ימים לפני
bitch -202 isn't even frostbite level ya'll fr ice-aging yourselves lmao
Osama Alkhader Hammars skola 5A
Osama Alkhader Hammars skola 5A 20 ימים לפני
Sasha Al
Sasha Al 20 ימים לפני
اللهم انك سلطت علينا عدواً بصيراً بعيوبنا مطلعاً على عوراتنا يرانا هو وقبيله من حيث لانراهم اللهم فأيْسهُ منا كما أيسته من رحمتك وقنطه منا كما قنطته من عفوك وباعد بيننا وبينه كما باعدت بينه وبين جنتك 🤲🏻 ❤️ اللهم اني اعوذ بك من الهم و الحزن و العجز و الكسل و البخل و الجبن و اعوذ بك من غلبة الدين و قهر الرجال🤲🏻❤️ سبحان الله و بحمده الحمد لله ولا اله الا الله و الله اكبر تبارك الله استغفر الله العظيم و اتوب اليه اللهم صلى وسلم على نبينا محمد❤️
E H 22 ימים לפני
I just wanna say one thing.... people say they dont like logan, tf did LOGAN do its his brother thats just f*cking messed up istg he NEEDS to be age restricted not logan he didnt do anything but at least care about being demonetized other then his brother. Even though logan might be pg13 and he has a bunch of like 9-10 yr olds watching his brother doesnt give a sh*t okay?
First Last
First Last 23 ימים לפני
Fuck you all people saying shits about logan paul content. Why are you here and watching him if you dont like his content in the first place? And now praising his content because it got good than before like wtf? If you do not like his content then why are you here? Immatures internet weebs!
the guy who sell,s dounuts
the guy who sell,s dounuts 23 ימים לפני
yoo does evryone see how meny dislikes jake pauls vids get
Sheila Archilta
Sheila Archilta 23 ימים לפני
Lana spelt backwards is anal wtf
ItsJerome ANA
ItsJerome ANA 24 ימים לפני
I love yat
Rodrigo Medina
Rodrigo Medina 26 ימים לפני
Lovu logan
oyun Pro
oyun Pro 26 ימים לפני
Tanıyor musun
oyun Pro
oyun Pro 26 ימים לפני
Enes Batur
pro oyuncu
pro oyuncu 28 ימים לפני
Tommy Hedley
Tommy Hedley 28 ימים לפני
thought he said retarded lol
César nobrega
César nobrega 29 ימים לפני
this video is inappropriate 😔
Alexander חודש לפני
그냥지나가는인간 חודש לפני
시발 이게뭐냐? 스토리보고 왔는데 미친놈이구만? 나보다더
Unknown חודש לפני
You know what lowkey missing old childish insensitive Logan paul
Davis Bates
Davis Bates חודש לפני
Definitely has gotten better. He used to be soooo bad
Bjorn Veldhuis
Bjorn Veldhuis חודש לפני
Why did he blure his mouth around 0.18
Jeffrey Hale
Jeffrey Hale חודש לפני
Low key guys subscribe to Logan
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox חודש לפני
The snobbish hair spectacularly ruin because community concurrently blind before a third base. female fertile, witty humidity
Anderas Banke
Anderas Banke חודש לפני
What Now
What Now חודש לפני
Logans girlfriend sounds like Tracey De Santa. If you know you know.
Xkissandmakeup X
Xkissandmakeup X חודש לפני
I thought that was greta in the thumb nail then
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides חודש לפני
then again
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides חודש לפני
ok i accept
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides חודש לפני
ship it
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides חודש לפני
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides חודש לפני
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides חודש לפני
i can direct
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides חודש לפני
crap aim
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides חודש לפני
they do
SpaceMan Films
SpaceMan Films חודש לפני
Natasha battle
Natasha battle חודש לפני
yeah that was sick
white dynamic
white dynamic חודש לפני
the beginning is that thing my dad would see on the camera in the house and my dad always sees me doing something bad
Chris Hoppo
Chris Hoppo חודש לפני
hey logan
Dominic Ferro
Dominic Ferro חודש לפני
The painting hahahah
Luka Korbesashvili
Luka Korbesashvili חודש לפני
i was a ksi fanboy but after i watched couple of vlogs and now i prefer logan over ksi
Afua Niarko
Afua Niarko חודש לפני
what is this for
Life with my Family
Life with my Family חודש לפני
Hey Logan Paul I’m amirr I love your ILpost channel
Ayman Ayman
Ayman Ayman חודש לפני
Ethan Grissom
Ethan Grissom חודש לפני
Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.
Łiċĸž חודש לפני
wasnt the title of the vid different or im tripping
Baby Gaming Cow
Baby Gaming Cow חודש לפני
I thought Logan was color blind
DANIEL ALLEN חודש לפני
The dog running away to
Kayla Wolfe
Kayla Wolfe חודש לפני
She literally said don't touch me. If she didn't want to betouch you shouldn't touch her.
IJEC 30 חודש לפני
Anyone else very confused to what happened
trevboi חודש לפני
If he moves to Miami, he better not sell the house.
the squad k5
the squad k5 חודש לפני
Logan make a video koi fish
Emilio 2 חודשים לפני
anyone here after they broke up?
Clips 7 ימים לפני
@Johnnie Walker no
Josh Hollern
Josh Hollern 16 ימים לפני
Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker 20 ימים לפני
@Rodrigo Medina they did?
oblivion reaper
oblivion reaper 22 ימים לפני
@Rodrigo Medina tf they did?
Rodrigo Medina
Rodrigo Medina 26 ימים לפני
Whos here when theye got back together
Logan Paul Has spoken
Logan Paul Has spoken 2 חודשים לפני
Logan Paul has spoken
Agenda TwentyOne
Agenda TwentyOne 2 חודשים לפני
You cant be here and not like it so .......WTF.
isabella saez
isabella saez 2 חודשים לפני
i am 100
Your rebel friend Julian
Your rebel friend Julian 2 חודשים לפני
“Im holding your boobs for you” Logan
Ego Bro
Ego Bro 2 חודשים לפני
My name is starting with Julio Evan
Samantha Wood GM 2015
Samantha Wood GM 2015 2 חודשים לפני
This feels like a bunch of videos in one lol
Jose Valle
Jose Valle 2 חודשים לפני
Is the maverick club free
Srijan Jaiswal
Srijan Jaiswal 2 חודשים לפני
seeying you shot him.... made me mental...
Jullien Macaraeg
Jullien Macaraeg 2 חודשים לפני
logan i hit you
Berke erdoğan
Berke erdoğan 2 חודשים לפני
​@t here bro
Berlin Naijo
Berlin Naijo 2 חודשים לפני
The editor 😁😁😁😍😍🤩
Griffin Kreb
Griffin Kreb 2 חודשים לפני
How about car
River Jordan
River Jordan 2 חודשים לפני
Batty man
vida sandoval
vida sandoval 2 חודשים לפני
Are you ever going to vlog again
Jermarrion Scott
Jermarrion Scott 2 חודשים לפני
lo gang forever
Khalid Khan
Khalid Khan 2 חודשים לפני
I love her with logan more the clohie
Mr. Suspicious
Mr. Suspicious 2 חודשים לפני
I can’t believe this isn’t age restricted
İzleyici Kalma
İzleyici Kalma 2 חודשים לפני
Türküler kendini beli etsin
Laggy Magz
Laggy Magz 2 חודשים לפני
I wish I was your editor😏..
Махмутов Кирило -
Махмутов Кирило - 2 חודשים לפני
Medite Grub
Medite Grub 2 חודשים לפני
Logan u change
Alluv 2 חודשים לפני
welcome to finland
Gian 2 חודשים לפני
briandemartinez 2 חודשים לפני
This dude is just a lame creep
AMD, 2 חודשים לפני
اي الأرف ده يكدعان في اي
برق الموت
برق الموت חודש לפני
Chandre De Meuse
Chandre De Meuse 2 חודשים לפני
Your pretty cross🤮
AD EM 2 חודשים לפני
Why you watching then???
Johann4frlove 2 חודשים לפני
"Im holding your b0oBs for you"
ZzolllozZ 2 חודשים לפני
A day in a typicall privilliged spoiled douchebags life.
AD EM 2 חודשים לפני
Lmfao why you soo butthurt??
Wyatt Johanneson
Wyatt Johanneson 3 חודשים לפני
stop blurring things out lets see it.
mckenzie gallacher
mckenzie gallacher 3 חודשים לפני
2:56 imagine if it was all 1 dollar bills
وائل محيمياكلد
وائل محيمياكلد 3 חודשים לפני
iixbubbles 3 חודשים לפני
josie~Baby,why would you do that to me logan~i didnt do it to just you dont be selfish
Dark _DEMON 3 חודשים לפני
Rip dwarf moba
Dark _DEMON 3 חודשים לפני
Rip dwarf moba
Amanda Rebert
Amanda Rebert 3 חודשים לפני
Why is your mouth blurred and in the first 22 seconds of the video
Dank Meme boy
Dank Meme boy 3 חודשים לפני
hey_im_kai 3 חודשים לפני
put it to 36 best part
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 3 חודשים לפני
Honestly I stopped watching Logan for a while because i felt he was an absolute douche when i stopped but now he's not it seems. I think i can resume my watching of videos of LOGIN but I'm glad. Plus he made it past 2020 without a major controversy. No, this year it was Jake. And A LOT OF IT
Ravi Ranjan
Ravi Ranjan 3 חודשים לפני
Logan Paul freaked out man 😂
mizzy 3 חודשים לפני
Who else saw a boob slip
Christina Myrick
Christina Myrick 3 חודשים לפני
- I'm holding your boobs for you - Logan Paul
Team Kadima
Team Kadima 3 חודשים לפני
thank you MrBeast for recommending this
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